This is their game, but our rules.


[Apex Software]

Supported Operating Systems (OS): Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported Processors (CPU): Intel, AMD
Supported Video Cards (GPU): Nvidia, AMD
Supported Display Modes: Fullscreen, Windowed, Borderless Windowed

Step 1: Disable Windows antivirus using the Defender Control utility. Remove third-party antivirus and anti-cheats (such as Riot Vanguard, Faceit, ESEA). Disable Firewall.
Step 2: Download the loader at ...
Step 3: Sign into your Steam account now, we use your Steam ID as authentication as opposed to Hardware ID.
Step 4: Run loader as administrator.
Step 5: You will get a run Loader shortcut on your Desktop, always use this to open the Loader.
Step 6: Click "Register" and create an account. {Registration Key} -> fYyhDa7VHQ
Step 7: Once registered, you will be prompted to link a Steam ID - make sure you link the one you plan to use.
Step 8: Click on "Redeem Key" and input the key you received after purchasing a product. 
Step 9: Select the desired product and click on it. Wait for the update and wait for the game to start, it will launch automatically.
Step 10: Open the in-game menu with the F10 key.

[A common solution to all problems]
-> Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2017-2019.
-> Disable Secure Boot in the BIOS.
-> Uninstall RTSS / RivaTuner (usually included with MSI Afterburner).
-> Uninstall Razer apps.
-> Uninstall ASUS apps (Aura, Link and other Services).

[Invalid SteamID]
-> Restart your computer or ask administrator to reset SteamID.