This is their game, but our rules.

SkyRant v2

[Valorant Software]

Supported Operating Systems (OS): Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported Processors (CPU): Intel, AMD
Supported Video Cards (GPU): Nvidia, AMD
Supported Display Modes: Fullscreen, Windowed, Borderless Windowed

Step 1: Disable Windows antivirus using the Defender Control utility. Remove third-party antivirus and anti-cheats (such as Faceit, ESEA, Easy AntiCheat). Disable Firewall.
Step 2: Download the Loader from ...
Step 3: Register your account using the key you bought.
Step 4: Start the game. (It doesn't matter when to launch the product. You can do it at any time.)
Step 5: Go to the range with the bots and configure the product.
Step 6: There are pictures in the Loader explaining what you need to do to make the product work correctly. You will need to set the 3 colors using the Color Picker built into the product.
Step 7: Watch the video for a better understanding -

[Can't configure the product]
-> Check out ready-made settings from our users.
-> First, get Premium access in the forum by creating a thread with the request
-> Then go to the section with all the settings from users

[How to avoid being detected or banned?]
-> You have the option of requesting private builds (new loader). 
-> Do it every week and the risk of detection will be zero.
-> Remove the old build and use the new one.

[Triggerbot does not work after being set up correctly]
-> Disable Mouse Raw Input Buffer in the game settings.

[System32/Drivers/Host issue]
-> Solution: