This is their game, but our rules.


[Overwatch 2 Software]

Supported Operating Systems (OS): Windows 10 (officially 1709-20H2 builds, unofficially 1709-21H2 builds)
Supported Processors (CPU): Intel, AMD
Supported Video Cards (GPU): Nvidia, AMD
Supported Display Modes: Fullscreen (menu and some ESP types are not visible), Windowed, Borderless Windowed

Step 1: Download the loader at ...
Step 2: Disable Windows antivirus using the Defender Control utility. Remove third-party antivirus and anti-cheats (such as Riot Vanguard, Faceit, ESEA, Easy AntiCheat). Disable Firewall.
Step 3: Move the archive files to a folder on your desktop.
Step 4: Run “CRITICALHIT Loader.exe” as administrator and enter your key (looks like username:password). Press "Launch".
Step 5: Wait until the window appears with a message that you can open the game. Click "OK" and start the game.
Step 6: After starting game, enter the training range and press INSERT after selecting a hero. If everything works fine, you should see an ESP.
Step 7: Press INSERT to open the menu.

[LOAD ERROR - Secure Boot]
-> Disable Secure Boot in BIOS.
-> Run CMD as Admin.
-> Enter the following command: bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
-> Restart computer.

[Why does the menu or ESP flicker?]
-> Change your game refresh rate to 120 HZ.
-> If that does not work, you can change all graphics setting to low and max 100% render scale.
-> You might want to update your GPU drivers.
-> Also please make sure to disable all overlays from Discord, Nvidia GEFORCE exp, Steam, Xbox Game Bar, etc.

[Why do I not see menu or ESP?]
-> Make sure your game is in Borderless windowed or Windowed, and Ambient Occlusion (in-game setting) is ON.
-> If the previous step did not help you, then disable Hardware Acceleration in the Windows settings.

[Invalid HWID]
-> Restart your computer or ask administrator to reset HWID.