This is their game, but our rules.


[Overwatch Software]
Status: Undetected & Working
Intel and AMD processors are supported.
{Windows 10}

[+] Change FOV 
[+] FlickMode
    [>] Change X and Y smooth values        
    [>] LockMouse        
    [>] Auto unscope        
    [>] Change aimtype: exponential or linear        
    [>] Change aimkey        
    [>] Change Bone: closest, body, or head        
    [>] Nevermiss        
    [>] All heroes prediction

[+] Aimbot mode
    [>] Change X and Y smooth values        
    [>] Lock target        
    [>] Change Bone: closest, body, or head        
    [>] Change aimkey        
    [>] All heroes prediction        
    [>] Autoshot

[+] 2D Box 
[+] Vise-check
[+] Name tag of heros
[+] Visible check colour (enemy out of sight no colour, visible enemy orange highlight)

[+] Save and load automatically on all Overwatch Heros
[+] All hero auto-melee
[+] Doomfist 
    [>]Flickshot works with charging up Right Mouse         
    [>]Animation cancels flickshot/autoshoot with uppercut if in range
[+] Zenyatta
    [>] Auto Orb of Discord on aimlock
[+] Ana
    [>] Sleep gun prediction
[+] Hog
    [>] Hook Prediction    
[+] Tracer
    [>] Ult prediction
[+] Genji
    [>] Auto dash under 50 HP

Step 1: Download the loader at
Step 2: Disable Antivirus and Firewall on PC
Step 3: Extract all files from the bootloader to the folder
Step 4: Run “CRITICALHIT Loader.exe” as administrator and enter your data (username:password).
Step 5: Wait until you see a window with a message about opening Overwatch.
Step 6: After starting Overwatch, enter the training range and press INSERT after selecting a hero. If everything works fine, you should see an ESP.
Step 7: Press INSERT to open the menu.


Day - 10$
Week - 60$
Month - 200$